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Updated: 03/12/2012

Welcome to my web site and thank you for visiting!

If you have any questions, please feel free to anytime.

My "Personal" web site is located at www.WilliamAFord.us, if you wish to learn more about me. All of the personal information I previously had here has been moved to that site. For those of you looking for information about Marfan Syndrome, you'll find that information located there as well. And please don't forget to visit the National Marfan Foundation web site for the latest Marfan syndrome news and updates.

ALL External Links Will Open in a New Browser Window. My reasoning for doing this is so that you won't lose your place on this web site. All Internal Links Will Always Open in the Same Browser Window...as long as I haven't screwed up the link that is. <g>

I don't use cookies on my web site. I only use cookies when I have an ice-cold glass of whole milk available and the DW (Darling Wife) baked the cookies for me. Even then I still only use the cookies at home and not on my web site. Please read my Privacy Policy.

And, happily, there are no ads on this web site either. Hopefully, it will always stay this way too...at least as long as I can afford the hosting and maintenance of this web site, there won't ever be any ads here.

There are no affiliate links of any kind anywhere on my web site. All links go directly to the mentioned web site with no compensation made to me for including a link on my site.

This is an ever growing and changing work in progress. Check back often as I add more regularly.

Link To My Site

Please feel free to link to any publicly available page on this website. However, please DO NOT place any page of mine in a frame on your site without asking my permission first. That's rude. Don't do it. To anyone.

Please know that any graphics/graphical links used on this web site of mine have been placed here AFTER my asking for permission first from the web site owner (...unless said web site specifically grants prior permission to use their graphics...), so please do not take any graphics from this site that belong to someone's web site unless you receive their permission from them first.

ANY and ALL pictures, graphics, links, logos, trademarks, a web site's own direct quotes or sayings, etc., that I've used throughout my web site, DO NOT belong to me!! They belong to the respective web site's owners!! Please respect that. If you'll check their web site carefully, you'll see that some web site owners give permission to use their graphics, and some even provide a variety of different sizes and styles of graphics to use. But please, LOOK FIRST, and then ASK THEM what their usage rules are if you're still not sure.

Realize too that not everyone expects anyone to ask for permission for placing a "text link" on a web site since that is how the Internet came into existence as we know it today. ;-)

And, last but not least, I do not solicit anyone for any reason, so Please, Do Not Solicit Me!! I do not accept solicitations of ANY KIND including, but not limited to, Link Exchange Requests, whether by e-mail, postal mail, telephone, or whatever means may be used. And, for those ding-a-lings who insist on requesting a link exchange anyway, especially those who want me to add a link to their web site first and then they'll add a link to my web site, can Take a Long Walk Off a SHORT Pier!

Seriously, if your web site has information that I care about, I'll add a link without your having to ask me. Besides, I don't ask anyone link to my web site; I figure that if someone considers my web site worthy of linking to, they'll link to it without my having to ask them. Oh, keep soliciting me and I'll add you to my new Link Exchange Request Idiots page.

My Privacy Policy

I strongly believe in PRIVACY! This is my Privacy Policy:

I do not collect e-mail addresses, I do not use cookies, nor do I keep log files of my visitors for any reason. My web hosting company offers a web site stats program that I do use monthly to keep track of the web site usage, but the only info I actually care about is what people were searching for, through a search engine, when they arrived at my web site so I can add more of the same info, instructions, links, whateveritwastheyweresearchingfor.

If anyone contacts me by e-mail for any reason, I have not ever and never will sell, share, or give away, any e-mail addy to anyone (...and most times I lose them anyway because of a dern computer crash...<g>...).

I do not have any control over the Privacy Policies used by other web sites that I have linked to. I can say that I trust the sites I have linked to or I would not have linked to them. However, I STRONGLY suggest that you check their privacy policy for yourself just to be sure. Privacy policies can and do change, and it's quite possible that one has changed since I last visited a web site.

If you have any difficulties with any sites that I have linked to, file a complaint with the FTC Consumer Complaint Form

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