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Miscellaneous Links

1stpageseo - The company name "1stpageseo" is a conceptual contraction derived from the idea that search engine results are displayed according to rankings called SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) struggle is about getting into the top SERPs on various search engines for specified keywords and keyword phrasing. Our goal is to provide the business owner with a web and/or blog site design that "ranks well". The prospective customer's organic search result (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization) will hopefully display the owner's website on the *search engine's first page*.* 08/07/2006

Acknowledge IT - Hi, my name is James Lilly, and I am the President and Founder of Acknowledge IT, LC.

I founded Acknowledge IT, LC in 2006 because I realized how hard it was to find a good technology partner. Having working both in IT staff and senior-level positions, and as a trainer and senior network engineer at a network integration firm, I realized that too many vendors were simply interested in pushing whatever product they needed to sell that month, and not in making sure that what they were selling you would actually help your business.

Because of that, too many companies purchase technology they do not need, or purchase the technology without adequate planning and training to ensure that all the benefits of using the new technology.

We do things differently. We are more interested in the long term success of your business that making an artificially inflated sales quota for the year. So, if you are looking for a company that does IT the smart way, give us a call. You will be glad you did.
* 06/06/2008

BCDeskin Jewelry offers a full range of fine jewelry repair services, unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, access to the latest jewelry styles, and quality custom-made jewelry.

Springfield, Oregon Goldsmith Bill Deskin has over seven years in the trade and a BFA specializing in metal sculpture. He is proud to offer quality workmanship, speedy service, and competitive pricing.

BCDeskin offers full repair service in 10K, 14K, 18K, and sterling silver, including tips and prongs, stone setting, chain repair, pendant and earring repair, and ring sizings. Bill also offers jewelry engraving--including inside of rings, on I.D. bracelets, and on many watches.
* His Jewelry Tech Tips page is awesome...a MUST SEE page if you're in the market to buy some jewelry or have some repairs done! 09/13/2004

Bed and Breakfast Connector - The Bed and Breakfast Connector is a website to help you find a B&B. They have many Inns from all over North America.* 01/18/2008

Community Auto Sales - We bought a Dodge Durango from Brad Spivey and Darryl Lawson and won't hesitate to buy from them again. All clean, well maintained used cars at great prices. We shopped their lot for about three years before we finally purchased a vehicle from them and they never once pressured us and always let us test drive any vehicle we asked about. These guys are great and they have an awesome reputation locally!! They're located at 8812 Brook Road in Glen Allen, VA 23060, (804) 261-0088.

Computer Guidance Service - Computer Guidance Service, Inc. offers high quality, professional, and cost effective computer management, support, and training services. Our clients range from individual professionals to small and medium sized businesses to large organizations. We work together with our clients to determine how CGS may be of service to them and we then tailor our services to meet each client's technology objectives and budget.

Whether you're an executive looking for individual computer coaching, a business manager or owner who needs guidance in defining and implementing a technology action plan, or other professional or administrative person who would like to brush up on certain computer skills, CGS can fill the role of experienced and reliable technology partner.

Data Helper - Data Helper, Inc. wants to help you grow your business. Our mission is to enable our clients to provide world-class service to their customers using technology that is appropriate to the task.

  • We have over 25 years of experience providing computer and software services.
  • We target small to medium-sized businesses who want to use technology to nourish their bottom line.
  • We can help you with custom software, data integration, system configuration, support, and more.
  • We can help you bring your business to the internet.
  • We are located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
  • Give us a call right now. We are ready to help!

    The Educator's Reference Desk builds on over a quarter century of experience providing high-quality resources and services to the education community. From the Information Institute of Syracuse, the people who created AskERIC, the Gateway to Educational Materials, and the Virtual Reference Desk, the Educator's Reference Desk brings you the resources you have come to depend on. 2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses.* 10/16/2004

    Framemaker FDK Developers Blog - This is a growing community (including blog and wiki) for Framemaker and FDK developers, founded by two technical writers and Frame Developer Kit programmers.

    The subjects of this blog will include:

  • Rumors about upcoming releases of Framemaker – New features, new platforms, timelines….
  • Our thoughts on competition for Framemaker, especially for XML/structured document editing
  • Resources we’ve found useful for dealing with (or avoiding dealing with) the Framemaker Developer Kit APIs
  • Notes on the experiences of a couple of for-now-to-remain-nameless FDK hackers
  • Example source code for Framemaker FDK clients, for Framemaker 7.0, 6.0 and (soon) 7.2
  • * 01/14/2007

    Free The Hops - Alabama is one of only five states in the country that limits alcohol by volume (ABV) for beer to only 6%, and the only state that limits beer containers to a size of no more than 1 pint (16 American ounces).

    As statewide Prohibition came to end in Alabama, the only politically viable avenue open to those who wanted the sale of alcohol to once again be legal in the state was to place heavy restrictions on that sale. What, when, where, and how alcohol could be sold were all strictly controlled by the legislation which legalized alcohol sales in Alabama—four years after National Prohibition was repealed.

    Many states placed similar restrictions on alcohol immediately after Prohibition was repealed. Yet while the rest of the country has progressed beyond the attitude of Prohibition, Alabama retains artificial and antiquated limits on the sale of beer. This limits consumer choice; stifles the state's beer, retail and restaurant businesses; and limits state tax revenue as thousands of Alabamians purchase their specialty beer in neighboring states.

    Let's join the rest of the country and FREE THE HOPS.
    * 10/16/2004

    Goodwill Industries International, Inc. - Goodwill Industries International is a network of 208 community-based, autonomous member organizations that serves people with workplace disadvantages and disabilities by providing job training and employment services, as well as job placement opportunities and post-employment support. With locations in the United States, Canada and 22 other countries, we help people overcome barriers to employment and become independent, tax-paying members of their communities. To fund our mission, we collect donated clothing and household goods to sell in our 1,900 retail stores and provide contract labor services to business and government. We also receive funding from donations and corporate, foundation and government grants. Nearly 86 percent of our revenues are channeled into job training and placement programs and other critical community services.* Check out their FAQs page for more information about their programs. You can Search for a Goodwill Near You and buy products from Goodwill Online. 11/22/2002

    hausfrau housecleaning - "We're cleanin' up this town!" - Welcome to hausfrau! We are a professional residential housecleaning service serving Knoxville, Tennessee. You may have seen our regular segment "Mr. and Mrs. Clean" on the television program "Style", broadcast locally on WBIR Channel 10, weekdays at 4 PM.

    We cater to successful professional families who do not want to spend their precious time on household chores. Let us do the "dirty work", while you spend your valuable time doing the things that are really important to you--enjoying your family, pursuing leisure activities...whatever you wish! You already have too many things on your "to do" list--let us cross "cleaning" off for you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person spends over four hours per week on housework. Take your weekends back! We'll bet that the day you come home to your "hausfrau house" will quickly become your favorite day of the week. And since we are not subcontractors or employees, there are no paperwork/tax/liability worries for you.

    Cleaner=healthier! We use a systematic process, which means that the results are predictable, so you'll always know what to expect. And to insure that we make your home healthier, we use HEPA filtration in our vacuums, and the most environmentally-preferred products we can find, so that the air quality in your home is improved.
    * 02/16/2008

    Honduras Vacation Guide - Travel Honduras - The complete, self-planning vacation guide to Honduras travel* I met Dave Online on The Motley Fool's forums and we quickly became Cyber-Friends. You can read his About Me page to get a better understanding of what kind of a person Dave is, but I can personally tell you he's an awesome Guy!! Then you should read his reasoning for choosing the name Sidewalk Mystic for his web site.

    Hot Spot Graphics - Your one-stop shop for custom cartoons and illustrations. Original artwork, fast responses, and reasonable prices. Since 1991, we've created cartoons, mascots, logos, and illustrations for people, businesses and organizations from all over the world!* ChezJohn said, "Bill, a friend of mine (Patrick Carlson) has a business called: HotSpot Graphics ~ and he does all kinds of cool computer graphics. He has done many, many logos & banners for comp bbq teams all over the country. Check out his site ... he is very fast & reliable, and his prices are very reasonable. He did that cartoon thingie of me, from a picture I sent him ... for only $15 ... and the whole process only took about 2 hours."

    Internet Law - Welcome to the website for the Law Offices of Bernard C. Dietz, PC.  We can help you protect your online business and create a legally bullet-proof website.  As an internet lawyer and web attorney, we specialize in representing Internet entrepreneurs and web-based businesses in all of their online business legal issues.  We have more than a decade of experience in online businesses, websites, and legal issues and can help you with your online legal problems and needs.

    Bernie Dietz isn't just a lawyer.  Since the mid-1990's he has been involved with some of the largest and most successful internet businesses and websites.  As both an internet business development and sales executive as well as a General Counsel for numerous online businesses, Bernie has drafted, negotiated, and (most importantly) closed hundreds of online contracts and agreements with almost every major Internet company out there, including AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Netscape, Amazon.com and many, many more.  He has a depth of technology knowledge and experience that most other attorney's don't and he understands the unique challenges and opportunities in running and growing a web-based business.
    * 11/05/2006

    Kamraj.com - I can provide you with various customized computing services for your organization. From web site design to applications programming for Windows®, I can create a solution tailored to your specifications.

    If you are looking to establish a presence on the web, I can design an attractive and professional site that will represent your organization well.

    Additionally, I will make personalized graphics for your web projects, ensuring that your site looks as unique as your business.

    As an experienced programmer I can also create software to solve problems specific to your situation. Inventory tracking, invoicing, and document automation, are a few of the kinds of programs I can build for you.
    * 08/16/2005

    I met Sriram Narayanan on The Motley Fool's forums and he's always been very giving of information he knows about various subjects to anyone who asks. He's a very nice guy and I have no problem recommending him for any work of this type. He describes himself as a "jack of all trades IT person (programmer, web-designer, systems analyst, end-user support, graphic design, etc)" and he works for the Concordia University of Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

    Landscape Design By Lee is a landscape designer serving the local Suffolk County and Nassau County areas of Long Island, New York.

    Specializing in Custom Design, Residential Entrance Gardens, Poolscapes, Berms and Walls, Sun/Shade Gardens, Cottage Gardens, Patio, Walkway & Driveway Design and more.

    Consultation & Design Plan with Installation Available.
    * 10/17/2005

    Law Offices of Bernard C. Dietz, PC. - Internet Law - We can help you protect your online business and create a legally bullet-proof website.  As an internet lawyer and web attorney, we specialize in representing Internet entrepreneurs and web-based businesses in all of their online business legal issues.  We have more than a decade of experience in online businesses, websites, and legal issues and can help you with your online legal problems and needs.

    Virginia Registered Agent and Corporate Services - We serve as Registered Agent for Virginia corporations and limited liability companies and foreign companies (companies formed in states other than Virginia) that wish to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia and need a Virginia registered agent.

    A Registered Agent is an individual that receives "official" mail and deliveries on behalf of a corporation or limited liability company. "Official" mail and deliveries generally means communications from either the Virginia State Corporation Commission or from a Court through service by the county sheriff (of a lawsuit, garnishment for an employee, etc.).

    Thinking of forming a Virginia corporation or LLC?  We can help you there, too.  Check out how a Virginia corporate lawyer can help you form your Virginia corporation or Virginia limited liability company today.
    * 12/03/2006

    MacMurph.com Photo Archive - This website is dedicated to share photos and stories (Journals) of inspired Photographers from around the world. It is also intended to connect Photo Buyers to Photographers.* 05/10/2005

    My New Choice - The goal of this site is to be a resource of information to assist you with your efforts to eliminate debt and build a life of financial independence with the possibility for an early retirement.

    The information contained within this website is from the perspective of an average American that has battled through periods of debt and is now on the track towards financial independence.  Through the process of eliminating debt, there have been many lessons learned and the hope is that those lessons can help another person that is fighting their way towards financial freedom.
    * 11/09/2006

    Neufer Photography - "Give Me A Moment....I'll Give You Forever" - Specializing in Child, Pet and Candid Photography - Located in Elmira, New York but willing to travel to surrounding areas* 10/17/2005

    Noah Grey is an exceptional Photographer who is also a True Southern Gentleman. I am honored to have his permission to link to his site. Thank you Mr. Grey!

    No Bull Mortgage - No Bull Mortgage provides consumers with a variety of custom-fit flexible loan solutions virtually unheard of at any company anywhere else in the industry. Funding loans in all 50 states, and specializing in Washington, California, Nevada, Massachussets, Maryland, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and more, No Bull Mortgage funds home finance and commercial loans regardless of income, employment, and even ignoring credit in many cases.

    There are multiple perfect "No Bull" programs and solutions available for almost every real estate and business financing situation. Meet our Admin Team, our Lending Specialists or come by for a visit!
    * 10/21/2008

    Northern Sparkles Jewelry & Design - Northern Sparkles Jewelry & Design features quality handmade jewelry and other beaded accessories at an affordable price.  Whether you are looking for that one-of-a-kind necklace to match an outfit, or a special bookmark for a gift, Northern Sparkles can design something just for you. Working with beading, wire and chain, the possibilities are endless.  today to select from many pre-made items or to have me design something special just for you.* 01/04/2008

    Nylen Photography - Nylen Photography is an established full-service portrait studio that has been serving the Siouxland area for over 13 years. Nylen Photography is owned and operated by Jon & Leesa, a husband and wife team.

    Jon and Leesa not only regard photography as a business, they view it as a labor of love and a passion. Besides being afforded the privilege of creating portraits for the many customers over the years, Jon and Leesa appreciate the friendships and acquaintances they have made along the way as well. Adding to their pleasures of capturing beautiful portraits, raising two wonderful children has enriched their lives greatly.
    * 09/16/2007

    Operation First Response - Operation First Response focuses on wounded troops from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany to 11 combat support hospitals in Iraq.  We are always in need of financial donations as well as sweatshirts, socks, underwear, toothbrushes, razors, etc. and backpacks for delivery of these essentials.  OFR also provides assistance to families of wounded Heroes with travel expenses and financial burdens they incur during this period.* This is a worthy cause being assisted by another Motley Fool Friend of mine whom I'm met numerous times now.

    Oscar Thompson - Oscar Thompson was an artist with a camera. He was a native of south Florida and passionate about its ancient and disappearing landscape. At the time of his death, Oscar had enjoyed a distinguished career as a commercial/architectural photographer, and was well on his way toward gaining fame for his landscape work, which he had pursued consistently throughout his life. This site is maintained by his family, with the intent of continuing to share his vision.* 11/05/2006

    PC Doctors Group - Our group of dedicated computer and pc technicians specialize in personal and business computer maintenance, installation, upgrades, and training. Our expertise lies in helping people with their computer needs at home and in small business offices via on-site "housecalls". Many of the listed "pc doctors" have certifications such as A+, MCSE, CCNA, Linux+, Server+, and others. You will find us efficient, friendly, and affordable.* 04/26/2005

    Post-Processing Tutorial Videos by Ben - Problems editing your photos? Don't understand Layer Masks? Can't quite understand that technique you were reading about? This could be the answer you're looking for!

    I am offering a free service to anyone who has any difficulties in post-processing. It can be as simple or as advanced as you require! Anything, from how to sharpen a photo or create a simple border, to how to create a great looking portrait or correct an annoying colour cast! Or from leveling a horizon to removing telephone wires from a stunning landscape.

    I will record a video, with commentary, showing and explaining step-by-step how to post-process your photography in the way you always wanted. I offer this service absolutely free. I am doing it because I like to help people out. Working on it will also help me perfect my editing techniques and inspire me to keep learning myself. If you find the video really helpful, I gratefully accept donations of any amount, but these are in no way required! I don't mind if I don't make a single penny!
    * 04/28/2006

    Profitable Adsense - Welcome to Profitable Adsense, a website dedicated to sharing tips, tricks and tools to assist your efforts in earning money via the use of Adsense on your website. You’ll notice that this website doesn’t have any Adsense integration and there is a reason for that, however many website owners are unaware or ignore that reason.

    While there is the potential for significant earnings with the use of Adsense, it is not a magic money-making machine and will require hard work to be successful. Within this site, you will learn things that should help maximize your potential to earn money and run a profitable website.

    Am I an Adsense guru earning large checks from Google each month?  Unfortunately the answer to that question is no, for the time being, but I have learned many things in the time I have been using Adsense and I felt like other people can benefit from these experiences.
    * 11/05/2006

    Replacements, Ltd. - "We Replace The Irreplaceable!"® - If you're looking for China, Crystal, Flatware or Collectibles this is the first place you want to search. Check out their Showroom Specials and Monthly Specials. They even have Place Setting Diagrams! I could keep going, but y'all just have to check out this site! There is so much more here and you have to experience this site first hand! Go check them out, you'll be glad you did!

    Rick Whittington Consulting - Over the last ten years, Rick Whittington has developed a broad knowledge of how to run an online business. His skills include site design, information architecture, usability, ecommerce, content management, internet marketing and merchandising.

    Prior to starting his consulting company, Rick worked at Circuit City and Crutchfield Corporation where he led the web site design team. In these positions, he worked closely with marketing teams, merchandising teams, IT front-end and back-end coding teams, and worked closely with senior management doing strategic planning.
    * 02/03/2007

    ScottBrady.net - scottbrady.net is a premiere web design & development firm. Offering Web Design / Development, E-Commerce and Web Hosting.*

    Security First Consulting, Inc. - Now, more than ever, organizations realize the need for securing information assets. Security First Consulting has a proven track record assisting federal agencies with all phases of their certification and accreditation (C&A) planning to comply with all government regulations and guidance, including OMB A-130, Appendix III, National Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (NIACAP), and the DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP). Our expert consultants have extensive experience in all phases of certification and accreditation, from documentation and asset discovery, to risk assessments and security scanning. By trusting your project to SFC you are ensuring that your project will be completed on time and in budget meeting the highest level of quality.

    Security First Consulting provides security services and solutions custom tailored for each client. Our clients enjoy the benefit of having a 'Return on Investment' approach in work performed, and knowing only highly skilled, trained and certified consultants will represent us. With our comprehensive reporting and thorough assistance, you can face your security concerns head-on.
    * 04/14/2006

    ServiceFlags.com - Serviceflags.com, Inc. is a family owned business location in Carson City, Nevada (the Battle Born state). After our Dad passed away in 1998, we found in his collection several Service flags and researched their significance and historical value. During that search, we discovered that the Service Flag is a national symbol governed by the DoD, and when it is authorized to be flown.

    After 9/11 and the war against terrorism began, we wanted to revive the tradition of displaying Service flags because of the patriotic call we were all challenged to perform in those days following the attack. We looked up the DoD regulation governing the Service flag and contacted the entity designated to authorize the manufacture and sale of the Service flag. We were the first company authorized to manufacture the Service flag for the war on terrorism.

    While we originally looked at silk screening the Service flag (it is much less expensive and faster), we chose to follow a historical method of using wool felt and flock (with modern application techniques). Our process is more expensive and more time consuming, but the end result is the highest quality Service flag available today - and considering what they represent, only the highest quality is acceptable in our opinion! Being able to put a name to a star on the flag is also important to us in that it personalizes the significance of the hope and pride we have for our loved ones.

    We manufacture our Service flag in prime commercial space in North Carson City (also on display is a collection of WWI and WWII Service flags and banners. We also make dye-sublimation products (custom t-shirts, mugs, etc), embroidery, awards and trophies and other retail items to the Carson City community.
    * Our son is currently serving in Afghanistan and I ordered several Service Lapel Pins and Service Flags to show our support for our son from these folks and they are a pleasure do to business with. Fast and efficient!! 08/01/2009

    Seymore's Help & How-To Web Site - From the Shadow of Pikes Peak! Welcome to Colorado...* Seymore has some PC Help Info links, Shareware & Freeware links, and links to various other sites. Check it out!

    Skip Deskin Art Website - In the gallery you'll find sculptures completed in marble, alabaster, walnut and other wood. Marble and alabaster sculptures are done using an air compressor and special tools - the white marble is from Marble, Colorado and the grey marble is from a quarry in Carthage, in south Missouri.

    Many of the wood sculptures are walnut because it is a hard wood and doesn't compress as easily as softer woods when carved. The totem pole is of southern white pine. The choir boy looks like he's leaning against the wall. He isn't; that is the natural curve in the log used. The Dreamer is alabaster, as is the Embrace, and other sculptures as well. The 9/11 remembrance is a log from the campus of Indiana University that was being cut down when I was attending some classes a few years ago.

    I hope you'll find something that is of interest - if you'd like a piece made for you or someone special to you, e-mail me and I'll respond quickly. If you don't find any sculpture that is intriguing here, be sure to visit other sites…there is a lot of good art on the web! Thanks again for stopping by. Skip Deskin
    * 04/30/2007

    Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle was constructed to be a safe, educational, free and fun place for kids ages 8-16 on the World Wide Web. Kids' Castle features articles written about the things that interest kids today: sports, history, the arts, travel, science and air and space, all with great photos. There are message boards filled with questions to get kids from all over the world talking to each other and thinking creatively. And, of course, Kids' Castle has lots of fun and challenging games and contests.* 04/28/2004

    Spiritcaat Intuitive Guidance - Tarot Readings, Online Classes & New Age Gifts - Readings in person, by phone or webcam. Also offered: handmade tarot bags, astrology reports, book & deck recommendations, animal communication & a metaphysical community forum.* 12/12/2007

    Surgeryinfo.org - The online guide geared to help you prepare for your surgical procedure. - This website is intended to provide an overview of common surgeries from head to toe. For each procedure, these short articles will provide you with information regarding the underlying disease process, the anatomy of the operative area, the usual preoperative preparation, the specifics of the procedure, and what to expect post-operatively.

    This website will also feature articles on anesthesia care, how to choose a surgeon, and a special section consisting of key updates in surgical care.

    Written by surgeons, this is the most comprehensive site you will find on surgery for patients.
    * 02/02/2007

    The Computer Clinic - The Computer Clinic was originally formed in 1993. At that time, John Hellmann and his partner were both on active duty in the US military. John now operates The Computer Clinic as a sole proprietorship, although in fact the company is incorporated.

    In addition to running his business part time, John taught at Oak Harbor High School part time, for nine years, with a Washington State Career and Technical Education Teaching Certificate. During that time, his courses included Electronics, A+ Computer Maintenance and Accounting.

    John is now FULL TIME running The Computer Clinic, serving Oak Harbor and the surrounding communities.

    Additionally, John has earned the COMPTIA A+ Computer Service certification.
    * 03/08/2009

    Threaded Web - The Elegance of Simplicity - Focus. Sophistication. Style. Innovation.

    Do you think your business needs a website? Do you currently have a website in need of a helping hand? Are you overwhelmed with the endless possibilities? Threaded Web can help lead you in the right direction and provide you with the results you deserve.

    Threaded Web is unique in that we employ a client-focused approach with the goal of cultivating solutions that meet the needs of both your business and your customers.

    As a small company, Threaded Web understands the value of building a relationship with the client and has a history of client success based on respect, honesty and service. Threaded Web will tie all of your needs into an integrated solution that will take your business to the next level.
    * 08/30/2004

    ThreadSpace: Hyperbol - ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is a Projectile-Based Tactical game set in the distant future. Players battle each other on roads in space, called Hyperchannels, as they pilot massive Ships capable of firing a wide variety of Projectiles.

    Multiple Ships with varying attributes are at the player's disposal as they progress in level and earn credits throughout the ongoing war.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Intense multiplayer combat
  • Up to 16 players
  • Persistent universe
  • Customizable ships
  • Addictive physics
  • Countless strategies
  • * 09/26/2006

    Top Cats & Associates specializes in web site design for individuals and small businesses such as Realtors, Contractors, Manufacturers, Services, Professionals, Arts & Entertainment, Organizations and Associations.* 06/15/2005

    Tracie Thompson - Fine Artist - If you can dream it, I can paint it. - My name is Tracie Thompson and I am a painter, with a degree in Fine Art from University of South Florida in Tampa. Art is my full-time job: I make original canvas paintings and I create custom murals in homes throughout Southwest Florida. My abilities range from the very realistic to the fantastic and whimsical, and yes, I do faux finishes, too.* 11/05/2006

    Virginia Registered Agent and Corporate Services - Have an attorney serve as your Registered Agent in Virginia! We serve as Registered Agent for Virginia corporations and limited liability companies and foreign companies (companies formed in states other than Virginia) that wish to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia and need a Virginia registered agent.

    A Registered Agent is an individual that receives "official" mail and deliveries on behalf of a corporation or limited liability company. "Official" mail and deliveries generally means communications from either the Virginia State Corporation Commission or from a Court through service by the county sheriff (of a lawsuit, garnishment for an employee, etc.).

    Thinking of forming a Virginia corporation or LLC?  We can help you there, too.  Check out how a Virginia corporate lawyer can help you form your Virginia corporation or Virginia limited liability company today.
    * 11/05/2006

    Walter Shirley Custom Computers - I service the Simcoe County area of Central Southern Ontario. Outside of this area is to far to service properly. I am not a Big Box Retailer and won't act like one. If you do have a problem, I can be at your house or place of business on very short notice, 7 days a week.

    I have put this page here to help you build your own computer. Now you don't have to buy a computer off the shelf to a mass retailer's idea of what you need. You and I can build your own specially designed machine to do what you want it to do. Imagine that. You may be surprised to know that the costs are comparable (and with better service).
    * 02/16/2007

    Words Connect - Words Connect is a professional writing firm that specializes in helping companies to connect with their customers. Our clients include:

  • Entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses that need brochures, fact sheets, or a web site that effectively sells their product or service
  • High-tech companies that need to clearly explain their products to users and customers in documentation, marketing collateral, and web content
  • In today's competitive markets, it is critical to communicate effectively with customers and partners. Words Connect can help you craft and deliver the most effective and most powerful customer communications.

    Words Connect is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has clients from a diverse set of industries across the US and around the world.
    * 08/26/2004

    *These sites have been quoted directly as I believe what they say about their sites or they already know what to say, better than I do.
    These names and logos belong to and are copyrighted or trademarked by the site owners.

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